Who we are.

Minilabworld is the first internet site dedicated exclusively to serve the Photo Lab industry.

y advertise with us?

 - Quality visitors.

Our site currently receives an average of 10,000 visits per month (data of March 2008)
These visitors are 1 hour photo operators and owners, photographers, suppliers of accessories, resellers, brokers of equipment, top brand manufacturers, and people searching for products, services or information related to the subject of our site: the minilab.

- We advertise too.

Our advertising includes direct mail, popular internet search engines (top 10 positions in Google and Yahoo), magazines, trade shows, internet guerrilla advertising, forums, discussion groups and, probably our strongest and the easiest, word of mouth.

What are the advertising options at Minilabworld?

- Banners.

There are only 8 banners available for our Sponsors. One is the Top Banner located next to our logo and 7 more are located in the right side column.
When clicking on these Banners, the user gets redirected to the
Sponsor's web site.

Banner Sponsors get to manage 50 ads in our main list, instead of the regular 3.
Banner Sponsors also get a free Showroom.

- Showrooms (Yellow Pages).

Showrooms are located on the left side column of the web site. These are product displays for the companies renting them.
They are displayed geographically on a worldwide listing.
Showroom Sponsors get to manage also 50 ads in the main list (when posting ads in the main list, these ads are ordered in each Sponsr's Showroom automatically)

The exposure of these Showrooms has proven very effective since its release on December 2004.

Sponsors, not advertisers

We like to call our advertisers, Sponsors; since they are the ones that keep this usefull web site alive. Their investment is helpful for the whole community.

- Rates

There are different ways to advertise at Minilabworld’s banners and different rates and promotions.

Please, contact us with your request and we will contact you with the current options. Yo can do so by sending us an e-mail at:

Thank you for your interest in our firm.

Team Minilabworld



PM2S, France
PM2S, France

Minilab Laser, Russia
Minilab Laser, Russia

PhotoXport, UK
PhotoXport, UK

Panastra, Japan
Panastra, Japan