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 This site is dedicated to the Photo Processing Industry.

 Minilabworld is a free site and it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Our goal when we started in 1999, was to help minilab owners and minilab operators all over the world, to run their business more efficiently by supplying them with the necessary tools that the Internet offers. 

The List

 The main feature at Minilabworld is the used minilab, parts and accessories list where buyers or sellers can post for free, items for sale or items on demand. In order to do so it is necessary to register for a free account.

The Search Engine

 To easily find items on the list, Minilabworld is powered with a custom made Search Engine that uses filters.
Filters are used to narrow the search results therefore providing smaller and more specific lists of matches.

 You can use one filter or a combination of up to 7 to narrow your search.

   -Search by category: used minilab or part/accessory.

   -Search by brand: Noritsu, Fuji, Agfa, Konica…

   -Search by family: lens, magazine, board, negative carrier, splicing block…

   -Search by country or region: North America, Australia, Asia, USA, Japan…

   -Search by text: (after typing a word, the system shows the ads containing it)

   -Search by type of transaction: items on demand and items for sale.

   -Search by picture: ads with pictures included.

Find out more about the Search engine

Other Features

 The menu bar, on the top of the screen, displays these other features:

 -My Account: in order to post ads at Minilabworld, users have to become members. Becoming a member is free and fast. Once finishing the registration process, a verification e-mail is sent to the user's mail box and he/she can activate his/her account automatically from there. Once users become members they can manage a maximum of 3 ads at a time.

 -Auctions: This feature is only for broker accounts and advertisers (click the Auction icon to find out more...)

 -Technicians: these pages help you find minilab technicians in your area.

 -Minilab Forum: Here you can exchange opinions with other members, ask for help, get information, suggest web sites…

The Forum requires an independent registration (but you can use the same information that you used to become a member of Minilabworld).

 We hope you enjoy this site.

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 The Minilabworld Team

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PM2S, France

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Minilab Laser, Russia

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